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Innovative Suspended Ceiling System For Architecture and Design

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INNOGRID CEILING SYSTEM is modular ceiling system which binds panels made by Cocis Holdings’ PVC special film and aluminum frames into the light-weight body frames that are installed upon ceiling. This system smoothly integrated the benefits from both techniques – easy installation procedures coming from the use of light-weight steel frame system and large modular lighting ceiling system of Innossol. This combined benefit allows incorporation of lighting, diffuser, air-conditioning system and speakers, as well as easy and clean installation of cables and pipes without any harm to the ceilings.

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Incorporating Various Ceiling Equipment System
Ceiling design can easily accompany with mandatory ceiling equipment systems such as lighting, diffuser, air-conditioning system, speakers etc. Modern and simple design used by INNOGRID will provide diversity to the ceiling designs of office settings. Potential disadvantages are upgraded with more refined finishing, therefore more visual satisfaction is guaranteed.

Diversified Materials and Designs
With various textures, patterns and colors--mirror, Biglight and Crystallight can be incorporated in order to create more functional and esthetic ceiling design.

Noble and Dignified Office Settings
Grid type of modern and simple design offers visual pleasure in office environment.
Remarkable reduction in space between panels and refined finishing will present more guaranteed visual satisfaction.

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Design Application

ISG(Innossol Grid)
MSG(Mirrossol Grid)
BLG(Biglight Grid)
CRG(Crystal Grid)

Using elasticity of INNOGRID Stretch Sheet, presentation of various 3D features are made possible. Use of light-weight body frame enables Irish style construction and completes the space with fancy designs

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